Azka Otel | Surrender Yourself Into the Arms of Azka


We offer our guests a unique experience for 4 seasons, from emerald green to turquoise, in the Bardakçı Bay where the most beautiful colors meet.



Standard rooms are not your type.

We prefer to offer rooms to our guests that are suitable for all tastes and needs and where they can enjoy their time, comfort and luxury to its full extend.

A new world on each plate.

If you consider eating as one of life’s greatest pleasures, if you enjoy trying different cuisines and the most exclusive drinks, then you are at the right place.

Exclusively for children.

We have prepared exclusive areas for our little visitors. They may play in our park as they wish or may join activities accompanied by our animators.

Keep an eye on us.

You may follow us on our website or social media accounts in order to benefit from our advantageous packages or daily surprises.